Happy New Year – 2011 Pest Control Predictions?

Bulwark Exterminating - 2011
Great Holiday, Back to work!

What does 2011 hold for the pest control crowd?

Well despite the best efforts of pest control companies world wide, bugs and other annoying critters have yet to be exterminated. Yes the fight between man and nature goes on. Party is over back to work… work hard party hard.

2011 Predictions:

How unoriginal? Blah, blah, blah… who really cares? Like I can’t go get my own crazy eight ball. Anyways… Here is what you can expect from the bug world in 2011…

  • 1- The pest cycle of breeding, invasion and survival will continue…. so ants, spiders, roaches, a scorpions will be making a come back this new year in about April.
  • 2- Bed Bugs will continue to spread. I am guessing that Las Vegas will move up the red list for bed bugs this year.
  • 3- St. George will see some snow.
  • 4- Phoenix Suns will not win a NBA championship. (Ditto that for 2012)
  • 5- Tulsa will see some green grass, and a few butterflies that we will not target.
  • 6- Microwaves will become the object of an EPA label as not organic pest control.
  • 7- Jack Bauer and Chuck Norris will finally face off, right after congress balances the budget.
  • 8- And someone will finally find a Bulwark Exterminating YouTube video funny enough to sneeze it into viral awesomeness… Might I suggest this one: Bulwark Exterminating – Tech Love
  • 9- Houston will see a hurricane hit land.
  • 10- Andrew Luck will not be a lucky catch for the Charlotte Carolina Panthers.
  • 11- Lastly, that someone will appreciate this not being a top 10 list and get the reason that it’s 11 without asking why.

Yep. There are few of those predictions that are 100% solid… But unlike our pest control services, there is no 100% money back guarantee on these. (probably why we should just stick pest control)

Feel free to add your predictions to our comments below….. And the crystal ball says we will have 0 comments.


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