First Ever Bulwark Exterminating Cockroach Race

National Cockroach Race Day is Wednesday, Jan. 26th.  To honor this absolutely fabulous day, Bulwark Exterminating is sponsoring its first ever #RoachRace on Twitter.  What exactly is a #RoachRace you ask?

It’s actually quite simple.  Sponsors (Contestants) will claim a specific cockroach species.  German Cockroach.  Madagascar Hissing Cockroach.  American Cockroach. Etc, etc.

Sponsors will then be assigned a corresponding hashtag. #BulwarkGermanRoach. #BulwarkHissingRoach. #BulwarkAmericanRoach. Etc, etc.

That assigned roach hashtag  will be coupled with the hashtag #RoachRace

Now comes the race.  Contestants will have the task on Wednesday to see how many tweets and retweets they can get with their assigned hashtag.  The contestant with the most mentions of their hashtag…wins!

What’s the prize?  Well, since we’re not really in a position to take bets and disclose odds and spreads and stuff like that, we’re giving away one of @tshirtSEO’s famed and highly coveted t-shirts.  These shirts were recently featured on ABC’s Now@9 morning show in Phoenix.

All sponsors will receive a Roach Pest Control t-shirt, featuring our super cool roach logo.  We’ll also throw in a 10-pack of glue traps from  And of course they will get lots of props, mentions, and thank you’s.  This is all stuff money can’t buy, folks!

And if you happen to be in the Phoenix area, we’ll even treat you to a nice lunch.

Last but not least, don’t forget to follow us on twitter and like us on facebook.


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One thought on “First Ever Bulwark Exterminating Cockroach Race

  1. I extremely hate cockroach as they left very bad smell on everything they touch. @#! I pray they all disappear to us forever.

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