Front Row For ABC15’s First Ever Station Tweetup

So, we here at Bulwark tend to fancy ourselves at social media geeks.  We all have facebook accounts.  We all have twitter accounts.  Naturally, we run the Bulwark accounts on a regular basis.  We always check in with Foursquare when we go out to lunch.  Whenever we get the chance, we always try to attend any local twitter events that A. sound interesting and B. interest us.  We went to #SunsTweetup a couple weeks ago vs. the Portland Trailblazers.  Both interesting, and of interest.

This week we had another fabulous experience at a local tweetup.  ABC15 here in Phoenix hosted the first ever live and on air tweetup event during the Now@9 morning show.  We documented the experience from start to finish, and this is how it looked.

Before we even got to the station, this is how the morning started as we got off the freeway in Phoenix…

High Voltage Warning Sign

Despite the warning, we pressed on, and within minutes found ourselves at the ABC15 studios.  After a brief waiting period our group of 100 tweeps was escorted into the filming studio.  We were lucky enough to get first row seats in front of the news desk where the anchors sit.  The majority of our group was parked behind us at a different angle, facing big monitors and some green screens.  The anchors soon made their way to the set and began all the last-minute prep work before showtime.

ABC15's Amber Sullins and Susan Casper

Camera #2 at ABC15's Studio B

ABC15 Tweetup Audience

Before we knew it, the show was off and filming.  This was how the show began…

Our esteemed head honcho, Thomas, aka Thos003, has a thing for printing custom twitter shirts for the host of that particular twitter event.  We look for a humorous tweet from that person (or people) and put it on the front chest of the shirt.  For SunsTweetup, we printed one for Jared Dudley.  We think he liked it!  So of course we made shirts for the show’s anchors: Susan Casper, Rebecca Thomas, Amber Sullins and Kirk Yuhnke.  We even made a couple for some of the producers.  Here is Kirk showing his shirt on air and giving a little love to Bulwark and yours truly.

And the show rolled on…

ABC15 Now@9 Morning Show

We also shared the spotlight with a holiday caroling group, The Goode Time Carolers.

“Net Neutrality” was the big topic of the morning across the country, and Now@9 took time to read a few Facebook comments regarding the issue.

Next national controversy of the morning was the decency of Hooters Restaurant girls.  The business model is a little too liberal for places like San Francisco, and apparently there is a pending lawsuit against the famed restaurant.  The anchors weighed in…

The hour went by rather fast.  After the anchors closed up the show they glad-handed all the tweeps and snapped a few photos with us.  As planned, each anchor got their own shirt with their own tweet on the front.

Steve and Thomas with the Now@9 anchors

Big thanks to ABC15, Susan, Rebecca, Amber and Kirk for holding the tweetup and allowing us to come share the morning with them.


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