Being an Authority

Common advice in the online world of advertising, marketing, and blogging is to “Be an authority.”

SO what does it mean to be an online authority?

Since in the world of pest control it’s about the little things, let’s break this down on a grammatical level first.

Auctor – The latin root for author, and the same root that Auctoritas is based on. Auctoritas is the latin base for the english word authority.

While the word author has many applicable meanings here, as in originator, creator or founder, one may easily over look the root of the word which meaning references plant cultivator. There is a quick and easy gap to bridge to ownership, but the latin root then changes to auctoritas. In a legal sense auctoritas, could also be the document giving ownership of land. In the English language, auctoritas is the root for authority.  Not surprising that the two words (author and authority) are still written very similarly.

Simply put, the bases for being an “Authority” begins with being an author. Being an original creator of content.  To create unique content. To be recognized as a resource in your field. Auctor also refers to “one who originates or proposes a thing” or as it hints to an auctor as a tutor, or a teacher.

While it may seem that no new and amazing information is being discovered on a daily bases in the world of pest control, being a teacher and an authority would also involve the perpetuation of knowledge through simply sharing what one knows.  And in sharing adding new light to the subject. So how can I add to the conversation is part of being an authority. Pest control may not be the most exciting subject. But creating an environment where pest control professionals and those wishing to learn about pest control can share and commune is something to be passionate about.

Further the individual that just found a black widow is engaged and interested in learning more. There is a satisfaction to providing an online resource to these individuals. And what may be old news to us is new and exciting to them. Just last night, Chuck and I had a fun conversation about black widows!<.cite>

And if you believe that your topic is old, over done, or even too common, then look to the latest love song for inspiration. Love is old, over done, and too common, but for someone who is just discovering it or an artist passionate about it, love is all the rage. Each new song could be viewed as the same unoriginal theme of love, but to those that feel it, share it, and sing it, that new song is anything but unoriginal. And the singer that authors that love song is on route to become an authority.


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3 thoughts on “Being an Authority

  1. i guess that keep discussing the topic and knowledge is shared, the more knowledge is shared the better for everyone, I have began writing articles and it can actually be quite fun!

  2. I truly like this! Been in this industry 25 yrs plus and still learn everyday, i enjoy sharing my knowledge and helping others. Isn’t that what life’s about?

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