Bulwark Exterminating Visits Career Day at Elementary School

Bulwark Exterminating Branch Manager
Wayne Bryant - Bulwark Exterminating Branch Manager

Our hard working branch manager, Wayne, made a little cameo at Career Day at Triggs Elementary School in North Las Vegas.  He spent some time with the kindergarten kids explaining his duties as a pest control exterminator.  Or, a “bug guy”, as the kids preferred.

Wayne took a couple sidekicks with him to meet the class.  What better critters to show to a class of 5 and 6 year-olds than a tarantula and desert hairy scorpion, who shall both remain nameless.  The desert hairy is a much larger scorpion than your average bark scorpion and was perfect for pointing out body parts and features.  Both creatures were fan favorites.

Wayne also presented some important points to the class.  1. All bugs are important to life.  For example, termite may bother at times, but they keep soil fertile and they break down trees when needed.  All insects have a role in nature.  2. If you are bitten or stung, tell an adult immediately.  This is an excellent piece of advice.  Hopefully it is nothing more than a bite or sting, but now the parent can monitor any oncoming reactions and act accordingly.  And 3. Having a pest free home is important to your health.  Cats and dogs are pets.  Roaches and spiders are pests. Roaches carry pathogens that can lead to respiratory and other allergy related problems.

Bulwark Exterminating Branch Manager
Wayne Bryant - Bulwark Exterminating Branch Manager at Triggs Elementary

We want to thank Triggs Elementary School for allowing Wayne to come and share some fun and interesting bug facts about Las Vegas Pest Control.

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