10 Lies your Dentist will tell you.

Dentist appointment.... Humph.

Super cool shades dude! But that sucker he promised you when you were done… Well…… That would be you.

Yes, he IS that cool.

Dr. Driggs
1102 South Greenfield Road, Mesa, AZ 85206-2679 (480) 969-0077

I must say that Dr. Driggs is really a fantastic dentist. But….. There are a few things I must say that I don’t quite believe.  And since I got  my teeth worked on today there are a few lingering things dentist tell you that don’t jive well with me at the moment.

Top 10 Count Down…

10) Let me see your finger nail… feel that? That’s what it will feel like in your mouth.

>>> 9) This may tickle a little bit.

8) I know you can open your mouth a little wider.

7) Raise your hand if it hurts and I will stop.

6) Your next appointment will be much easier.

5) This tooth polish tastes a whole lot better than the last one.

4) I’ve numbed your mouth so that you won’t be able to feel a thing. Won’t even know I am here.

3) You can go ahead and spit now.

2) The numbing sensation will go away in about an hour….

1) Sure you can come in and have this done the day before and still enjoy Thanksgiving dinner.


I really hope that last one was not a lie.


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