Pest Control – 7 Degrees if Seperation

Friday… Last choir of the day is 7 degrees of separation. ☺☺☺☺☺

Denver’s Airport

Denver Airport
Denver Airport

Denver’s Airport just happens to be the largest in the US. It has a lot of people running around. I am sure a lot of people are easily annoyed with such large crowds. Can you imagine the crumbs they have laying around there all day? Landfill or land-size? At 53 square miles it ranks 3rd largest in the world! Which makes me think of Boston.

Boston Massachusetts

Boston has got to be a very crowded city.  The Denver airport at 34,00 hectares is bigger than the city limits of Boston. So when I think of Denver’s airport, being larger than Boston’s city limits, traveling, being crowded, over populated… I think of cheap hotels.

Cheap Hotels

Well if you end up in Boston, the regular hotels are overpriced because of the land shortage, so you end up paying high dollar for a cheap hotel.  So now my Denver Airport trip to Boston’s overpriced cheap city hotel leaves me tired of annoying crowds and wanting a good night’s rest.

Memory foam mattress

Well wouldn’t it be nice if this cheap hotel had a memory foam mattress? At the price I am paying for this crowded cheap hotel they sure could afford one. They could also afford to fix the little bugs in the flickering neon hotel sign. Man wouldn’t it be nice to get some real service around here?

Neon Sign

No memory foam mattress, a vexing neon sign, from my over crowded flight from Denver to a cheap Boston hotel… That buzz of the neon sign is almost as bad as a  growing chirping irritation from a cockeyed cricket making me lose my sleep!


Well when I’m out about and I hear a crackedy cricket interrupting my movie or signing through my sports game, I think to myself, “There’s no place like home!” Away from all the massive airports, crowed Boston cities, cheap hotels, hard mattresses, buzzing neon signs, and crickets. Home where I get real service from a really good pest control company.

Pest Control

… Ahhh, home sweet home. Perhaps the only other thing that could make this pest free life better would be a nice memory foam mattress.

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