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Cricket Pest Control by a Droid… This may be the Droid you are looking for.

Cricket wireless announces that it will now be carrying the Android phone. Per their news release they will be offering…

the first low-cost Android device to hit the Smartphone market in the United States* and the third Smartphone to be included in Cricket’s dynamic line of phone offerings.

While I am not quite ready to give up my iPhone… despite some small bugs… Offering me a test drive of the droid at a $55 low cost, unlimited access plan makes my iPhone look like yesterday’s news.  So… Yes. I am falling for the cricket bait.

… I hope everyone appreciates the puns loaded in this post about a pest control guy falling for cricket bait! NEED A CRICKET PEST CONTROL SERVICE?

Cricket Marketing

Leap Wireless International has a business model down that encompasses everything a marketing plan should. They are embracing the future of phones and they are shouting it loud and clear.  Further, their customers get decent service. Yes, DECENT. Everyone knows that Cricket’s service isn’t going to compare to Verizon’s service.  Sorry, but you are flying 2nd class, which means that if the plane is full you might just get bumped to the next flight. But, what cricket is doing is establishing it’s position as the low-cost phone solution.  They are so low-cost that they are even cutting into the land line market.

Your key marketing ingredient is your message compared to the rest of the market.  Cricket’s message is low-cost. Everyone knows that if you want a budget phone service you call cricket. Verizon’s message is quality service. “Can you hear me now?” Everyone turns to Verizon for a “reliable network.” Where does that leave AT&T… In the middle somewhere…??? Exactly, the only defining quality AT&T has right now is the iPhone…. So long marketing advantage when everyone else starts picking up competitive smart phones… or worse yet the exact same model.  If you are only selling a product then you better be the only one selling that product or be the best priced. You have no competitive edge if you are just selling a product.

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Don’t mind me I am just the pest control guy…

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