Bed Bugs All over the Pest Control Media Radar

Don’t let the bed bugs bite, isn’t such a cute phrase these days

Posted on October 14th, 2010 by Andy

Howard Stern’s studio was hit with bed bugs and Stern’s paranoia kicked in, “I was scratching every minute.” Bill Clinton gets mocked on late night TV for having yet another guest besides his wife in bed with him, which is only fitting that a politician gets lumped together with other blood suckers.  From Abercrombie and Fitch in New York to airplanes and movie theaters, bed bugs are back with a vengeance.  New York being a very transit city and having mass numbers in skyscraper apartment complexes is perhaps at the epicenter of this bed bug pandemic. Reports from New Zealand are now flowing in about their country experiencing a rapid rise in these creepy crawly blood suckers. There is no doubt, that the old rhyme has found a new time.

Where do bed bugs hide?

These parasitic insects feed on the blood of mammals. They were so named bedbugs due to fact that they are most commonly found in bed mattresses. Bed bugs being nocturnal would make the bed of the un-expecting host their home, for easy access. Prior to the invention of electricity, many more hours were spent in bed at night. In today’s fast paced open 24 hours for business, bed bugs nocturnal life style has hit the streets as well.  Your mattress no longer matters.  Bed bugs will infest couches, the cushions of transit vehicles, the movie theater’s recliners.  If there is a night life, a little fabric, and enough to drink, bed bugs can and will invade.

How do bed bugs spread?

Bed bugs primarily spread from the clothing or fur of the host as the host travels.  Hotels are frequented by mass volumes of visitors, and are even the retreat of individuals whose homes are being treated for bed bugs.  Bed bugs also spread as laundry is being moved.  Large apartment complexes are rapidly infested by the proximity of the residents.  Bed bugs will also drop to the carpet, and slip through cracks.  So they can spread by crawling from room to room, contaminating multiple dwellings in apartments. Bed bugs are difficult to control because most people do not know when the intrusion begins.

Signs of bed bugs.

Bed bugs will often go undetected for the first week or two, allowing time for the population to grow.  Their bites carry no sting to them, so most will only begin to notice bites as the numbers increase. The multiple bites will look like a rash. Bites may also line up in a row, which is a distinctive characteristic to bed bug bites. Spots on sheets from blood or brown spots of bed bug fetus are good signs to look for. Bed bugs can also be found hiding in the corners of the mattress. Or in the crevices of screws on the bed posts. Checking your hotel mattress isn’t a bad idea when traveling. Look for blood spots on the mattress itself and check the corners. It may even be wise to carry your own protective bed bug cover or stay in hotels that use mattress covers.

How to protect yourself.

Prevention is worth a pound of cure.  Get mattress covers. While this will not guarantee protection of your home, it is the best deterrent you have. And with bed bugs they are far easier to prevent than cure. You should also wash all of your clothes, used or not after traveling.  Storing your suitcases away from your bed is also advisable. If your home becomes infested, you can attempt to treat your home for bed bugs yourself.  There are do-it-yourself pest control solutions for bed bugs but due to the tenacity of these creatures, it is best to call a professional pest control service. Treatments for bed bugs will take time and effective solutions are not cheap. Find a company that will guarantee their work and that will continue to come back until the problem is solved.  Cooperate with the company you employee as well.  You may be asked to wash all of bedding, on a regular schedule.  You may be asked to keep clothing of the floor and away from beds. Bed bug treatments may even require that the premises are vacated for a few weeks until the site is sterile.

In conclusion, if you don’t want the bed bugs to bite then learn to protect yourself. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.


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One thought on “Bed Bugs All over the Pest Control Media Radar

  1. some excellent points here,
    A couple of extra ones for the protect yourself and the control of bed bugs, you must vacuum as much as possible in attempt to get rid of as many eggs as you can. Residual treatment is what you need as bed bugs dont have to seek blood after a feed for MONTHS! do you must make sure there is a residual effect treatment down, most pest control companies should provide this and it may take 3 or 4 visits before the treatment is fully effective! wash cloths and bedding at above 60 or tumble dry them. hope that helps!

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