Mosquito Control in St. Louis

Today’s interview is between Thomas, Bulwark Exterminating, and Thomas, Pioneer Pest Management… So we will make it Thos003, Bulwark, and Tom, St. Louis Extraordinaire. So let’s chat about…

Mosquito Control in St. Louis

Mosquito Control
Pioneer Specializes in Mosquito Control

Thos003: Mosquito control is a challenge many pest control companies are not willing to face, so how long have you been working to target mosquitoes?

Tom:We have been specifically focused on mosquitoes for about three years.  This market was under served from a mosquito control standpoint, so we have helped boost awareness that there are effective solutions available. We started using a backpack mist and that led to getting into system installation.

Thos003: How long have you been using a misting system?

Tom: We did our first installation of the misting system about 3 years ago shortly after we began with the backpack fogging.  Our first installation was more of an experiment to see how it would work.  After visiting other operators in other markets and hearing some of the feedback from their customers, we were really convinced that this was a great offering. We have been installing more and more through our existing customers spreading the word, so we’re happy.

Thos003: Is this the same misting system with the tubes set up around the perimeter of the house that shoots out bursts every few minutes? How often do you have to mist?

Tom: Yes, we are a certified re-seller and installer of MistAway Mosquito Misting systems.  These systems include tubing installed around the perimeter of the affected area with misting nozzles every 8-10 feet.  The systems have a timing mechanism built in to mist at the intervals the user specifies.  Most often, the systems are set to mist at dusk and dawn, when mosquito activity peaks.  However, some customers prefer to have a third or fourth session in the middle of the afternoon or later in the evening if conditions dictate.

Thos003: About Pioneer Pest Management & Mosquito Misting, you are a family based company, privately owned, how many years in business?

Tom: We are a family business.  Our family members have a diverse background in business. We have been in this community a long time, which has really been helpful with word of mouth growth and that has been awesome.  We started in 2007.

Thos003: I noticed you like foursquare? Sorry, but being a nerdy internet guy I’ve got to ask about it. I mean it’s totally geek to the max cool <snort LOL snort>… What benefits do you get from it?


Tom: Funny you should ask. At this point, we have not seen any benefits.  However, we think it makes sense to be transparent.  If a customer comes to our site and sees we have been in their neighborhood recently, it might make them more comfortable to contact us. After all, how interesting can a pest control website really be to someone? Since there is no cost to using some of these available social media tools, it’s really just kind of interesting to try different things and see how they work. We can move away from it if we discover a downside.

Thos003: Sounds logical. You are a local service so why not show your local support. You know I visited St. Louis once, went up in the arch, fun experience.  Funny thing about AZ is that a lot of natives have never visited the Grand Canyon. So have been up in the arch?

Tom: Great question. I have, but most people you ask around town have not.  If you are ever in St. Louis again, you have to check out the City Museum.  It is a very cool, unique attraction.   And I have to ask, what local restaurant is a must visit, just in case I decide to drop in on you sometime.
You can find us at Llywellyn’s, it’s a great Celtic style pub. For Italian, Massa’s in Kirkwood. St. Louis has a ton of great spots though. Come visit us!

Thos003: Thanks for the invite! You will be one of the firsts to know if I do drop in. And thanks for interview.

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