Baby Scorpions Under a Black Light

Our resident scorpion mom had babies! A couple of things we discovered along the way…

1- Baby Scorpions DO NOT glow under a black light!

Scorpion Babies under black light on mother scorpion's back.

Scorpions glow due to a protein found in their exoskeleton. It’s believed by some that scorpions maybe able to detect UV rays via this protein. Apparently this protein is not found in the baby scorpions. It may take a few more molts before this protein appears.

Here are a few more photos of the baby scorpions under a black light.

Hang on their buddy this is your one and only ride!

2- The mother Scorpion will not let the baby scorpion back on after it falls off at this stage.

These baby scorpions are now a little larger and more mature. This particular mother knocked off a baby. We watched as the baby ran frantically after it’s mother to try and rejoin the baby squad.  The mother refused… and in a not so nice fashion.  We even attempted to help the poor little guy out. We picked the baby up with tweezers, gently placed on the mother’s back  and the mother still wouldn’t keep the baby on.  The mother flicked it off and almost knocked off a few others. Sad to say. That baby scorpion would never again feel the warmth and comfort of it’s mother’s back.

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