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East Valley Tribune:Scorpion Myth Buster

An article in the East Valley Tribune stated as follows:FACT OR FICTIONMyth: My home could become infested with scorpions.

Truth: Scorpions don’t nest. The most you’d see at a time is four, maybe five, according to Andy Baldwin of Mesa Community College’s life sciences department. And that’s just the bark scorpion, which is more tolerant of living with other scorpions and is the only one of the East Valley’s three species common around people.

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To our pleasant surprise, two of Bulwark’s satisfied customers responded to this falsehood. But the Tribune seems to have lost those comments. Fortunately we captured them before they disappeared.

Read below:

Bark ScorpionMichele

…We live in a neighborhood with scorpions and my experiences with them differ from some of the things she states…

Fact: Your house COULD become infested with scorpions!

We used to kill between 7 – 12 a NIGHT on our property before we found a good pest control company. On one bad day we found 4 inside the house DURING the day. One on the wall behind the microwave, one on the ceiling above the kitchen island, one in the kitchen sink, and one in our son’s bedroom. I have neighbors who have reported killing up to 30 on their property in one night.

Fact: Pesticides ARE effective against scorpions.

After the above mentioned fateful day, we switched our pest control company to the only one in the valley who will guarantee scorpion service. I will not identify the one we switched from, but the one we switched to is Bulwark Exterminating. (I have no involvement with them, other than as a satisfied customer). We immediately began seeing dead scorpions on our property and now only find about 1 scorpion a YEAR inside the house.

The TYPE of landscaping doesn’t seem to make a difference in this neighborhood. Folks with desert landscaping have just as many scorpions as those with lawns. However having a lot of debris in your yard gives scorpions more places to hide and invites them to stay. No matter what your landscaping tastes, keep a clean yard!

However, I will full heartedly agree with the PROTECT YOURSELF AT HOME statements. A pretty good article, just not fully my experience as someone who lives and deals with scorpions.

March 31, 2007


Regarding the scorpions being territorial – maybe true or not, if one territory means one “brick block”. Every night I walk out with a black light and find a scorpion in between a brick block and another next block to it. I spray them with scorpion killer from ACE hardware, instantly they drop and tries to crawl up but drops and dies.

One pest company from the several of them I tried, only one, had an impact with scorpions, you’re right Michelle, BULWARK, call them and let them know what they’re up against and they will treat your home with necessary chemicals.

As far as sealing your home, I caulked cracks, gaps in my entire house. Resealed doors and windows, screened air vents and light sockets, even outlet/telephone switch. Once that’s done, fog your attic and keep an eye for the next 24 – 48 hrs. They will come out. If you’re sealed only one way out – out of the attic to outside of the house.

My son suffers respiratory problems – a scorpion sting will affect your respiratory process, and if yours is weak, like my sons, it very dangerous.

April 1, 2007

Scorpion Myths and Rumors

There are indeed a ton of scorpion myths and rumors.  The most common rumor is that little scorpions are more deadly than big ones.  Not entirely true.  The little one’s, as in the smaller species of Bark Scorpions, are more dangerous than that bigger ones, the Dessert Hairy.  But within the same species the little ones venom cannot be conclusively deemed more potent than a large one. Speculation on whether the little one’s lack control over the amount they inject is pure speculation.

Here are a few other myths that we have heard- Myth: Pouring alcohol on a scorpion will cause itself to sting itself to death. Fact: Scientist believe that scorpion’s are immune to their own venom.  Myth: Scorpion’s laying eggs in the walls. Fact: Scorpions don’t lay eggs.  “Scorpion eggs” are carried inside the mother and the mother gives live birth. Myth: Scorpions will reproduce 5 to 6 times a year. Fact: The gestation period of a scorpion is around 3 months. Most bark scorpions will only reproduce once a year.

Just thought you’d like to get your scorpion facts straight.  If you’d like more info then check out the resources below.

Useful Scorpion Resources:

Scorpion Report – Phoenix Scorpion Hot Spots

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Scorpion Guru

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  1. Maze Tufele was here today and questioned as to what I required and where I had seen the scorpions and took care of getting it sprayed down. I was satisfied with this service.

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