Green Pest Control in Seattle and Portland

Green pest control is on a lot of minds these days. We just happened to find a Seattle based based exterminator that promotes their Green name, GREEN CHOICE PEST CONTROL. They are also a family based service that has good reviews from their happy customers. So we decided to get to know them a little better.

Another family pest control service, Small enough to care, Big enough to do it right!

“How is pest control in Seattle and Portland different?”

Bill: The Pacific Northwest is a challenging place to conduct pest control services. Consistent rain water runoff and the constant proximity to waterways makes pest control more challenging than it might be in other dryer climates. Coupled with the diverse ecosystem is a diverse population demo graph that is sometimes at odds with its own values.

Thomas: “Yes it’s tough to please everyone. People want to feel safe in their homes and they often have fears of pesticides whether warranted or not. Then they are conflicted on what’s worse, pesticide or spider bite. I assume that is why Green Choice Pest Control goes with a low impact service?

Bill: The culture of the Northwest is extremely ecologically conscious. That being said, this same population often wants all pests killed at their residence, while minimizing or even eliminating any secondary effects on surrounding habitats. This places pest control companies, especially those with ecological sustainability in mind, in the awkward position of sometimes saying no; No to certain products, and no to certain procedures. “Yes, we can kill your rodents, no we will not use gas within your home to do so.”, for example. Pest Control in Portland and Seattle is also extremely seasonal in its apparent active pest months. Carpenter ants are readily seen during our short summers, and raise the alarm of any homeowner. During our cool, wet months, however, they are usually not seen, and therefore not considered an issue by most people. This is despite the fact that they may be just as active reducing your two by four studs into dust while you are comfortably watching television.

Thomas: “So what you can’t see and don’t know can hurt you, or in this case hurt your home. You talked about winter months, in most of Bulwark’s locations we see a lot of rat and mice activity in the cooler months… Can’t say cold, since Phoenix is rarely cold. Las Vegas, and Austin, maybe but not like Vancouver”

If you think the Fiat is different try their service!

Bill: Yes… Rodents, conversely, are heard in attics and under homes during winter months, as they seek shelter, but are rarely considered a problem when seen outside a home during the summer months. Since the majority of people wait until it’s on the fringes of too late before they hire a professional exterminator, this minimizes the amount of sustainable pest control that can be accomplished, and moves us into an aggressive, multi product approach that we would rather reserve for the rarest occasions. Preventive pest practices doing pest control Seattle and Portland operations are the ultimate solution. While this is not on the forefront of most homeowner’s minds, it needs to become as standard in our culture as recycling. This gives us the greatest opportunity to enjoy our beautiful slice of the world for generations to come.

Pest specific to the Northwest?

Thomas: Bulwark has made headway with scorpions because they are a more unique pest, are there any pests in Seattle or Portland that would be considered unique? … Or maybe just your biggest ugliest bug?

Bill: One pest that is more specific to the Northwest is the hobo spider. The hobo spider makes a cone shaped web and is extremely poisonous, similar to a brown recluse. An untreated bite will probably be fatal.

Thomas: Hobo Spiders sound as bad as scorpions.

Hobo Spiders
Hobo Spider with Cone Web

Bill: They are not nice and are related to scorpions as they are both arachnids. Since there is no shortage of fear of these creatures, many other spiders are killed in process “just to be on the safe side”. This is unfortunate, as spiders are good for the ecosystem, and actually eat certain wood destroying pests such as carpenter ants. Green Choice technicians are specially trained to be able to identify if a spider is or is not a hobo. We offer free inspections to and are happy to stop by your home or business and take a look at any living or dead specimens you may have.

Thomas: “Yep, its much easier to prevent major problems with regular maintenance. Hence we chose the name Bulwark, as in a defensive barrier. Keep up the regular defense and you can avoid extremes. By the way, I have only made one trip out to Seattle. I actually met a really cool internet marketer, very coincidental that his twitter handle, @inflatemouse, was pest control related. Anyways, My favorite Seattle site was the Fountain by the Sky Needle. Beautiful city. Any places that you’d recommend I visit next time I’m in town? Any local Deli’s or hidden restaurants?”

Bill: Most any of the delis or restaurants in the Pikes Place Market are really good and a good value. You can watch the fish markets throw the fish back and forth there. Pikes Place Market is famous for throwing fish. Anyone can point you in the right direction once you’re there. Also the Mariner’s Ballpark is quite an attraction. Seeing any of  the Islands in the Puget Sound area via ferry is also something which is more unique to our area. Seattle is very tourist friendly with great restaurants and deli’s on just about every corner of the city.


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4 thoughts on “Green Pest Control in Seattle and Portland

  1. Bulwark should come to Seattle/Portland to give Dave Royce and Aaron Alred an ass whoopin and to teach the nw how service is done!

  2. Editor Comment: Mel, assures me that the comment above was funny in a sarcastic way, and aimed to tease a fellow Pest Control company, in a friendly way.

    … Friendly gestures are acceptable in the pest control industry. =)

  3. When you are dealing with mice, you may not be sure when it is time to call in a professional. Sometimes you can get rid of them yourself. However, there may be signs that you need professional services in order to deal with the rodent infestation that you are having. Some of the signs include droppings and smudges even after you have used all the tricks of the trade to remove them yourself. If they are still getting in after sealing holes, then it may be time to call a professional.

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