Why use baits instead of sprays?

There are a number of reasons to use baits over sprays.  One of which is that many insects (i.e. cockroaches, crickets, spiders, and ticks) may have quicker reflexes then you. So trying to spray them with a can of RAD may not hit them. But there is even a better reason to use baits. Baits have a great transfer rate. And if the family of bugs shares the bait then you will knock out the entire colony! So baits are often the better choice. Just sit back and relax. Let the bait do its magic. Sure it may take a little longer for that roach to turn upside, but when dealing with a roach problem wouldn’t rather have 1000 dead roaches over 1 sprayed roach? Just thought you’d like to know.

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5 thoughts on “Why use baits instead of sprays?

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  2. Some pests are definitely handled better by using baits. A company that knows the difference and can choose the method that will work best is imperative in dealing with pests. This company has proved to be very knowledgeable at handling all sorts of Pest Control Portland issues.

  3. Some insects such as ants and roaches can detect spray that are “hot” and avoid the sprayed area. Bait is an obvious choice for these pests.

  4. This article is right on the money. It is very difficult though to get the average customer to understand this. I find even after explaining several times they still don’t grasp the concept. They want to see someone spraying some kind of chemical in every corner of every room in a house or they feel cheated. I totally agree that baits work much better on ant and roach infestations in a house. They are also safer for the customer than spraying a pesticide all through a house.

  5. I personally prefer bait. Friendly to the customer, my technicians & of course not the mention environment.

    What we are planning to do to reluctant customer is – we give them free 1 try of the gel. They will agree to the effectiveness. 🙂

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