Pest Control Customer Satisfaction Scores

As we recently posted, we are currently sending out our customer surveys for 2010.  We send surveys to all of our active customers.  The surveys require about 200 man hours just to get them sent out. They will require close to the same when inputting the surveys.  And they will require many more hours of manger’s time reviewing and ultimately improving.

Setting a bench mark isn’t always easy.  It requires that individuals take a real look at where they are in relation to where they want to go. These measurements will determine future evaluation of where one has been.  All in all, these numbers are a true statement of progression or digression. Our previous posted score for the surveys was that of 2007. We had a customer referral rate of 94%.

Bulwark Exterminating 2007 Surveys
94% of Customers surveyed in 2007 and 2008

Meaning of all the customer surveys we received back from our active customers, 94% Answered the survey “Yes” for “Would you recommend Bulwark’s pest control service to a friend?” This was higher then all previous scores. In 2008 the difference was 1/10th of a percent so we left the score.

Bulwark Exterminating’s 2009 survey warrants a new title.

Last year’s customer satisfaction rose across the board, but Bulwark was suprised at just how much the percentage changed. The score moved 3 percentage points and went from 94% to 97%.

97% Recommended. 100% Guaranteed

The increase in customer satisfaction was attributed largely to proactive retention measures, new customer welcome calls, follow-up calls on callbacks, and tech service improvements. In a year when most numbers meant a down economy, Bulwark was able to buckle down and work on keeping customers happy.  With a 3% improvement, Bulwark employees have received a huge pat on the back.

Bulwark currently service 50,000 plus customers through out the United States. While Bulwark’s customer count pales in comparison  to other national pest control companies, Bulwark is satisfied overall that close to 50,000 homes would recommend Bulwark’s pest control services to a friend.

Customer Satisfaction is becoming Customer Conversion

Taking care of customers and putting them first turns customer in to “Sneezers” as Godin in Purple Cow puts it.  Being good just isn’t good enough these days.  Smart consumers know the difference between good and “Great.” Disneyland is iconic for providing a “Disney Experience”.  They understand that putting smiles on their customer’s faces is what brings in more and more customers, year after year.  The day that Disney stops worrying about their Princesses catering to the dreams of little girls is the day Disneyland looses it’s savor.  J.D. Powers knows that a company that listens to the consumer and gives the consumer what they want plus a little more, is a company mastering customer conversion. Customers that are wowed to the point that they become “advocates”.  These advocates become Facebook fans.  Those Sneezers become twitter followers. Customer Converts are infectious and spread viral word about companies they love. Spreading the love via a recommendation makes a friend happy.  It makes the giver happy when the friend is treated well.  And the business is happy, because one happy customer is now two happy customers. Win-Win-Win.

We hope that you will call the Bulwark Pest Control team in your area and experience the difference yourself.

Bulwark Exterminating is

97% Recommended & 100% Guaranteed.

Call Bulwark Pest Control today.


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