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Bat Removal - Bat Control
Tulsa Bat Removed by Tulsa Pest Control

Bat Removal

Bats may be a nuisance to people, both emotionally and physically, especially within a home. The bat will normally inhabit dark places in your home. They are most likely to be found in the attic, walls, basement, and the soffits. A bat will take up residence if any places on the exterior of the home will let them in and the environment suits their needs. If you have been having problems getting rid of these flying animals here are some suggestions to assist your bat removal endeavors.

Bat Proofing Services

There are many wildlife control companies that offer bat exclusion or proofing services to home owners. The companies not only remove the animals from your home, they also offer exclusion services to prevent future issues. These services enable you to have a home that will not allow bats back in after a bat removal service has been performed. There are many companies that provide these services, but not all of them present the quality of services that you expect. The top bat control services should be able to provide some kind of guarantee. The services should start with an assessment of your home from top to bottom. The thorough assessment will enable the service provider to locate areas of use by the bats and potential areas they could find their way back into your home. Thus the wildlife control professional will provide a proper and complete solution to resolve the bat problem you are suffering from.

Sealing Gaps, Holes, and Voids around the Home

If your home attracts bats, then there are openings that need to be tightly sealed. Openings larger then ¼ inch are considered possible entry points for bats to enter your home. Bat Exclusion consists of ensuring all these types of openings are sealed to prevent further entry of bats.

Bat Cones to Get Rid of Bats

After the home is sealed and all that remains are the entry points the bats are using, bat cones are installed tightly over the openings. Bat cones or one-way-doors are intended to let a bat that has entered your home to leave, and they will not be able re-enter the house once the bats have passed this device. Otherwise you can construct your own eviction device out of used caulk tubes by the removal of the applicator and installing the tube over the entry. Cones are ineffective if the bat exclusion steps have not been performed to the greatest attention to detail. Wildlife control suppliers normally sell bat cones online. This method of bat removal is approved by bat conservation organizations, and bat control experts. Performed properly this method will get rid of the bats within a couple of weeks. Why so long? Not all bats leave the first night and it takes time for them to decide to leave. Bat cones are a humane method of getting rid of bats.

Bat Droppings Removal and Ectoparasites

Bat droppings may cause health issues to the occupants of the home, and possible insulation damage cause by excessive urine and droppings. The droppings of the bat may host significant dangers such as ectoparasites and histoplasmosis. Handling or disturbing bat guano should be done with care and bio-hazard professional should be contacted to provide removal of the bat droppings safely. Last but not least are the ectoparasites, such as fleas, mites, lice and ticks to name some that reside with the bats. Fleas, ticks, and mites should be addressed by a Professional Pest Control Operator; I recommend this so when the hosts (the bats) are removed they are not left behind to find a new host, such as you the home owner.  It is not uncommon for bats and other rodents to cause a flea infestation.


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