Pest Control Company Receives Military Honor

Pest Control Company, Bulwark Exterminating Honored with Military Award
Pest Control Company, Bulwark Exterminating LLC, Receives Military Award from Staff Sergeant A. J. Richards.

Recently Bulwark Exterminating was nominated for an ESGR award by Staff Sergeant A. J. Richards. The ESGR award is given to employers of Guard and Reserve soldiers where the servicemen feel that the employer goes above and beyond the basic responsibility’s an employer has to their Reserve employees. The law requires those that employ Military Reserve and similar to abide by additional requirements, such as holding a position for those that serve while they are gone on military leave.  Further, they must work with mandatory military training, requiring them to allow military employees un-scheduled days off. Because of these requirements there are good reasons for employers to not hire reservists. Bulwark on the other hand gladly  hires military personnel.  The owners feel a great respect for those that serve to protect our country and our freedoms.

For this reason Staff Sergeant Richards nominated Bulwark and Adam for the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve award. Here is his statement:

I have been in the National Guard for the last nine years and have had many employers. I had heard that there was a way to nominate your employer for an award through the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR). But until recently I had never worked for a company more deserving. I started working for Bulwark Exterminating in 2007 as an door to door sales men and even though I struggled with that job they always had a supportive team to mentor me. After the summer they provided me with a job servicing homes in southern Utah while I finished school. After school despite my performance in the door sales field they offered me a job in their newly formed call center in Phoenix AZ. The offer was too good to turn down so I packed up the family and headed down. I have missed work many times to fulfill my commitment with the guard and Adam has always made sure that my family and I had all that we needed while I was gone. Beyond that the Bulwark family has taken my family in as their own so while I’m away I don’t have to worry about my wife and kids needing anything. This is something that is priceless if you have ever been in that kind of positions. Adam continues to support me and my service in the Guard and often encourages me to do all I can to advance in my military career even at the risk of loosing me “one of Bulwark’s top employees” (per my supervisor), for extended periods of time.

The ceremony was held at a Marie calendars in downtown Phoenix and was hosted by “The Military Order Of The World Wars” Phoenix Chapter. The chapter is made up of retired military members from Colonel down. Adam Seever was nominated by Abenadi Richards an employee that works in the Bulwark Exterminating Call center. If you contacted Bulwark anytime in the last three years for new service there’s a chance you spoke to him. Abenadi says that the influence of the people that he works for not only has helped him to become a better person but also a better soldier. He said that skills that he has learned as an employee for Bulwark has taught him to be a better leader in his military duties as well.

Bulwark even received an additional honor from the speaker when he complimented Adam and Bulwark’s pest control service with  “and they do good work too.  They service my home.” The owner was very touched by the award and the sincere compliment of the speaker.

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5 thoughts on “Pest Control Company Receives Military Honor

  1. Congratuations on the recognition for assisting the troops.

    I’m hoping to see more posts. Don’t slow down.

    How’s the pest control season shaping up at Bulwark? Has the ant season started there. We would like to be getting more ant calls, but spring usually starts with bee calls, more gophers and rats. Eventually, the ant calls get heavy, no later than July. But with the heavy rains we’ve had I’m expecting an early ant season.
    Meanwhile, we are making adjustments due to the new EPA ruling on treatment of gophers and other burrowing rodents with gas.

  2. @OrganicGerry

    Thanks Gerry for the encouragement. I love to write, just got tied up with a few other things. We are sending out our 2010 customer surveys this month.

    Did I mention how much I love my job? =)

    Harder work = Better Rewards

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