Crickets In My Walls

I’ve always liked the sounds that a cricket makes. It’s soothing and reminds me of the countless nights I have spent outside just staring at the sky and wondering what life is all about. It is kind of like a soundtrack for my mind. Others appreciate the noise as well, but they prefer to be outside of their home rather than inside. I was called to a home late in the evening, nearly after sunset. Timing was crucial for me because this lady had a pretty uncommon problem in Georgia, crickets breeding in the walls. Her eyes were bloodshot from having been up all night and you could tell she was irritated. She walked me to the master bedroom and stuck her head against the wall and held up a finger … nothing. No sound, no chirping, not anything. There was a bit of humor in it because it was like man vs. wild, all the little creatures stop making noise when they detect a threat. She was about to give up when the chirping restarted – it was pretty amazing because each chirp had its own unique location along the wall, almost like an echo. One would chirp in the middle and two others on either side of that cricket would begin to chirp. Sometimes, if they timed it right, they chirped simultaneously. I decided the best option would be to flush out the wall voids with an in-wall treatment and re-spray the exterior. I also did a yard spray to stop any crickets around the home from getting closer. I’m not a doctor but was able to provide a cure for insomnia.

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2 thoughts on “Crickets In My Walls

  1. Only male crickets chirp as a way to attract females. The best way to limit crickets is to eliminate as much potential harborage as possible outside. Example, clean up piles of leaf litter and clean up any debris that may possibly provide shelter.

  2. Integrated pest management doesn’t end after you’ve cleared your house of pests. Monitor your home for the recurrence of the presence of pests, and inspect your home regularly.

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