What is it with Basements?

Doing pest control you see the best and worst of people’s homes. As a technician for our East Atlanta branch, I would often find myself walking through a series of webs in both crawlspaces and unfinished basements, even some garages that were just totally covered. For whatever reason, these areas tend to be hotspots for spider activity; my guess is because they are usually poorly sealed and cool or moist. A young woman had called in regarding a mouse in her basement and it was no surprise to find a maze of boxes and cobwebs littering the unfinished floor. She took me to the corner where she suspected the mouse had hidden and I began to examine the area… there was a chewed up bag of some bird seed and a couple shreds of what almost looked like press board. And who can forget the line of droppings delineating the inner wall. The woman had been raised in another country and described to me a level of fear associated with certain animals per culture. She was relatively calm, but she also carried an anxious undertone as well.  We followed the droppings along the wall and went around a corner and to the basement door. To my surprise, sitting by the door was fat long snake, at least 3 feet in length and a ½ an inch in diameter. I almost fainted because the lady had let out such a blood curdling scream. It’s a good thing that snakes don’t have ears, I am positive it would have attacked her. She grabbed my shoulders, as if to use me as some sort of shield, which I thought was kind of funny. I have an affinity for reptiles and this little guy just happened to be in the wrong place at the right time … the trail of droppings had disappeared about 3 feet from the snake and its my guess he had a fat little meal prior to our encounter. Animal control is not really our cup of tea (beyond rats and mice), but I was able to find a stick and pick up the snake gently removing it from the basement. The lady said her basement door is never open but I am not so sure how the snake could have gotten in. To this day I do not have that answer. Why do you think basements are so high in pest activity?

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