Toys in Closet

I spoke with a current customer that was concerned about something in her walls, she just couldn’t figure out what it was, she is an elderly lady and was a little scared. She just kept asking me what it could be. I told her I didn’t know, but I would be glad to send out a technician to see, maybe it was rats or mice. I tried to find something as early as possible for this poor little lady was terrified, so I scheduled a service for her for the next day. Later on that same day, this customer calls me back….she starts out saying “I’m so embarrassed”, I hate to call you, but I won’t be needing the service after all.  I asked her why, she said it was her grandson’s toy in the closet making the noise. Her daughter was the one to find it, so we just laughed together and I told her not to worry and I would cancel the appointment. She was pleased that we would have come out so quickly to take care of the problem, and was very happy that it wasn’t an animal or rodent of some kind.

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