The Switchover

My name is Roger James and I’ve been a technician for Bulwark for four years now.  I am a team leader and service the community of Steiner Ranch which is in Austin, Texas.

My wife also teaches in Steiner Ranch and she was surprised at the beginning of the school year by a request from one of her student’s moms.  She asked my wife, “Isn’t your husband that Bulwark guy who works in this area?”  She told my wife that many of the moms in Steiner have told her that Mrs. James’ husband is the BEST exterminating tech and she had to “switch over” from XYZ Exterminating to Bulwark.  So my wife ended up giving her one of my cards.

I received a call from this mom the following week. She let me know that as soon as her contract was over with ABC in a few months that her family would be switching over to Bulwark.

Sometimes the BEST form of advertising is “word of mouth.”  It’s nice to know that I have built up a solid reputation in Steiner.  I have sold many contracts by referrals, but this story is one of my favorites because it validates the quality of work I do.  At the beginning of this year, Bulwark allowed me to go to Texas A & M to further my training.  They also offer classes every month to keep us updated.  This story proves to me that my skills are paying off and I do my job thoroughly.


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