Searching out the Source

One day I went to a Peoria home for a call back service.  The family said that they were hearing crickets in their bathroom and they couldn’t figure out exactly where they were coming from.  They were getting annoyed and weren’t able to sleep at night.  I first started inside the house looking around the bathroom.  I noticed a compartment in the cupboards under the sink.  It opened up into space underneath their tub.  When I took out the screws and opened up this door, I noticed cricket droppings all over the inside of this space.  I treated the inside of the space with delta dust and Cy-kick.  I also looked on the outside of the house where the bathroom wall is.  I saw more cricket droppings in the rocks underneath the J rails.  I pulled out some  hose and started spraying around that area, flooding out tons of crickets.  They were literally hopping all over the place.  This was definitely the spot where the crickets wanted to make their home.  The customer was very appreciated of the fact that I search out the source of the crickets.  Her problem was solved in one service and they were finally able to have a nice relaxing night of sleep.

Jameson Hunter

Phoenix branch


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