My baby is coming!

My name is Roger James and I’ve been with Bulwark for four years now.  I am a Team Leader and primarily service homes up in the community of Steiner Ranch which is in Austin, TX.

One of my best stories this past summer was a customer who has been pregnant through this past year.  Every month when she saw me, she would smile and tell me how many more months until her little one was due to arrive.

I always try to think of how I can go that extra mile for my customers, so I asked her if she would like me to come and retreat the inside of her house two weeks before the baby was due.  She said yes right away.  It was nice to give her that extra reassurance that the inside and outside of her house would be bug free when she brought her baby home.

In August I saw her new baby girl.  She thanked me again and again for bringing her family “peace of mind” each and every month, especially with the baby.

That confirmed to me that I’m going that extra mile to bring “Peace of Mind” to my customers.  That’s what Bulwark is all about.


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