Missing Invoices

We had a customer recently call on the afternoon of her service, to find out when the tech would be there. I let her know she was scheduled for the morning, so she should already have either an invoice or a notice that we missed her for some reason. She said she thought so too, but didn’t see anything. I let her know I would call her back after checking with the technician to find out what happened. The tech remembered treating her home, and remembered that she had a pond in her yard, and said he left the invoice in the backdoor. I let the customer know this and she was very confused. She wanted to call her neighbor to find out if they were serviced already. When she called back she asked if there would be some reason to not leave the invoice for her, because her neighbor got their invoice. I told her if she didn’t believe the tech was there, we could send someone back to treat again for her. She said she believed me, and that wouldn’t be necessary, but was still baffled that she always could find the paperwork and didn’t see it anywhere today. I told her I would mail her a copy of the invoice when the tech brought it to the office and she said that would be great. She called again about an hour later, laughing so hard. She said she completely forgot that she has a backdoor to one of the bedrooms. She had found the invoice tucked right into the door, just like the tech promised. She apologized for making such a stink and said she felt so silly for not thinking of that before. She thanked me for all my help, and for all the calls back and forth trying to figure it out.


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