I’m the bug guy

I was an Initial Service Technician, meaning I only was only servicing new customers and providing the Full House Clean Out, for one of the best salesman in the history of Bulwark.  I had a full day of services in one of the cities more influential neighborhoods.  As normal I begin to scan the customer’s property as soon as I exit the work vehicle.  I noticed that there was a paper on the driveway so I picked it up and carried the paper with me to the door.  This is one of the advance tactics that you learn as a seasoned technician.

I rang the door and after a few minutes a kind women who spoke broken English opened the door and greeted me.  I introduced myself and with a smile tried to hand her the paper I had kindly retrieved from the driveway.  She looked at me skeptically and opened the door widely allowing me to see that there was another woman in the home, possibly the homeowner.  After a short conversation (in a language I dare not guess at) the kind women told me in broken English no, they “don’t want.”  I again tried to hand her the paper so that she could see the signed service agreement in my hand.  Again the homeowner kindly refused.  I sat the paper down on the front porch and then presented the contract to the women in the doorway.  At this time she had given all the time she was willing to and slowly closed the door on me.  I was a little surprised but it wasn’t the first time a customer has refused service.  I then called the next customer of the day and told them I had an opening in my schedule and would they allow me to service their home.  The customer allowed me to and I was about an hour ahead in what I thought would be a demanding day.  Late that afternoon I received a phone call from the office asking my why I never showed the earlier stop of my day.  I explained to them that I did, and that the customer refused my service.  The person I was speaking with sounded confused and asked if I went to the correct address, I told him yes that I even recalled verifying the address on the corner of the home after the customer refused service.  The person then stated they would call the customer and speak with them again.  A short time later I received a second phone call from the office; the customer thought I was a newspaper salesman.

Wayne Bryant

Las Vegas, NV


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