Cross Spider

I had a conversation with one of our customers, an older gentleman, who called about a spider that had spun a web between two bushes in his yard. He said didn’t see the spider at first so he flicked a cigarette butt onto the web, and the spider quickly leaped out and attacked it.  He was shocked at the bright color, letting me know it had yellow and black stripes.  He also said it only looked like it had four legs, but it was definitely a spider.  He wanted to know what I knew about this particular spider, and what we could do about it.  I told him I really didn’t know much that species particularly, and told him he could try to research it online.  He joked that he was too old to attempt that, so I offered to look it up for him.  I discovered that the spider in his yard was a St. Andrews Cross Spider.  I let him know that it’s not poisonous, and not normally aggressive.  He was very grateful that I took the time to look up the species of his strange “four-legged” spider, and he was excited to tell people about it.  He wanted to know what we can do about spiders, so I offered to schedule a spider treatment around his home.  At first he declined, but a day later he called to schedule the treatment.


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