Chance encounter

Unique story-  Rodney Crumpton

This week I was running a route in Chandler, in an area I was assigned to as a missionary in 2001.   One of my stops was Susan Powell.  I didn’t recognize the name at first but the memories came back as I was driving down the gravel road to a family’s house I had become good friends with during my stay in Chandler 8 years ago.  When Mrs. Powell came to the door I let her know that I was with Bulwark but that I had been to her house before and she had fed me dinner about 8 years ago.  She reached back into her memory bank and asked me my name and when I told her my last name, her face lit up and she quickly invited me in to see her wall of family pictures with her grown children and grandchildren.  After we caught up, I told her that I was impressed that she had been with Bulwark for over 5 years on a monthly treatment plan.  She said that Bulwark has always been great no matter who she talked with on the phone or at her home.  And that they almost never see a bug inside their house.  As an employee at Bulwark since 2000 this was a very rewarding experience, I hope to continue to serve the Powell’s and other families that are as delightful as they are.


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