Ants and Bees

A customer that I serviced in Litchfield Park had a problem with ants and bees coming in and out of her dog’s water dish.  She had ants all over her front yard.  I took the time to follow the trail of ants leading to a dirt area outside their lawn.  These ants had to of been traveling over 50 to 70 feet just to get to her house.  I sprayed the curbing were the ants were trailing and around their hill with termidor.  I told her that the treatment may take up to 3 days in order for it to fully work.  As far as the bees were concern, I looked around and could not find a hive.  The bees were just coming in and out for a drink, but I still wanted to help her keep the bees out of her dog’s dish.  I told her of a trick I learned in scouts.  I told her she could make an easy bee trap with a 2 liter soda bottle.  She needed to leave a little soda in the bottle and cut the top of the bottle off with a knife.  The top needs to be turned upside down and put into the top of the bottle.  The idea was to attract the bees to the soda instead of the dog’s dish.  It worked and some bees were trapped in the soda bottle.

Jameson Hunter

Phoenix Branch


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One thought on “Ants and Bees

  1. That was good work on the ant control and a great job setting customer expectations, but with regard to the bee control, did you consider the adverse effects the soda might have on the bees, such as chronic diabetes?

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