A Friendly Visit

A Friendly Visit

By: Oliver Gomez

It’s a beautiful day and the doorbell is ringing. The man at the door says its Bulwark calling.

He’s clean-cut, polite and I feel at rest, I know he is knowledgeable and will take care of the pests.

He says with all confidence there’s no bug he can’t treat. He’s well recommended by neighbors on our street.

He took off his shoes as he came inside, and sprayed in the corners where all the bugs hide.

He dusted under cabinets, then under the sink. He moved away the food and the water we drink.

He took off the panels where the wall sockets go, and dusted the voids where the larva all grow.

He went up the attic and all through the house, until in the basement he found a trapped mouse.

He moved all the mats and the slippers away, and treated the doors and the windows with spray.

His truck had a hose that went all the way around, and outside he treated the walls and the ground.

He put out some granules for the drips on the plants. He says it’ll fix those pesky roaches and ants.

Then it’s all over, he knocks when he’s done. If you give a few days, the bugs will be gone.


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