Svea customer satisfaction

My name is Svea Owens and I work out of the Phoenix Branch of Bulwark Exterminating. I was calling routes one day and I was talking to a customer and she had felt a little uneasy about taking service. I had asked her if it was something we had done and she said not really. She then proceeded to tell me that for her first service she had a new technician and she wasn’t 100% comfortable with his knowledge. She said that the next technician that came out did a great job and was very informative and she was very happy with her service, but she still felt a little uncomfortable about the first service. I came up with a solution that she was very happy with. We issued a credit for her service because she obviously did not feel like she received the service she had paid for. Also we decided to make her a tech specific for the technician that she felt did an excellent job not to say the other technician didn’t. She just felt that one was more knowledgeable than the other. In the end, she was very happy with the outcome and felt comfortable with the solution we came up with.


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