Scorpion Lady

During the summertime in Phoenix we have several customers who call in because they have a problem with scorpions.  This summer I had a woman call in who was extremely afraid of scorpions and found a scorpion in her house.  She said she would not go home and did not feel safe being there. I looked and looked for somewhere I could get her on for a call back service.  When I got back on the phone with her I told her I would have a technician out first thing in the morning.  As soon as I said that I could hear her beginning to cry.  I felt horrible and realized I needed to find something right away! I told her I would call her back and have to call my technicians to see who was close enough to stop by her area that same day.  I found a technician who was close to the area and said he could stop by. When I called her back she was very grateful for our help and glad we could get her on for that day.  A week later when we called her to follow-up on her call back service she said the technician did a great job and had not seen any scorpions in her home since.

Desiree Hunter

Phoenix, AZ


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3 thoughts on “Scorpion Lady

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  2. Great story Desiree! Glad that you won the $1000 for your efforts. You never know when your good deeds will pay off.

  3. Thanks! I was not expecting to win at all but I’m glad I decided to write a couple stories!! Definately an awesome Christmas bonus!!

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