Don’t get Hosed

One day I was just finishing service at a home and was rolling up my hose when a neighbor walked up to the service vehicle.  So I stopped and went around to the other side of the truck to speak with her. She wanted service later on that day. I discussed the price and what we do exactly and she wrote down her address and information on the service agreement. She even paid and signed it if I would come back that same day at 4 PM.  I agreed and told her that I would see her at 4 and bounced my happy self back to the truck.  I hopped in and put her service agreement in my clipboard.  I had totally forgotten that I didn’t finish rolling up my hose.  So I left, and soon I heard a humming noise and it was the sound of my hose coming off the reel very fast.  I looked back threw my side view mirror as I turned the corner and saw the gun slide under a car tire and stopped immediately.  The hose had stretched to pencil thinness and the gun was ruined.  I had to go all the way back to the office to get a new gun and hose. So an easy day that I was running ahead ended at around 8 PM because of my laps of concentration. Lessons learned!

Mgr. Las Vegas

Richard Wickoff


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