Dog Bite

I was working out in Scottsdale.  I arrived at the home and checked the back gate only to notice a BIG dog charging at me.  I quickly shut the gate.  I called the customer and she answered the phone.  She was home, but didn’t hear me knock.  She told me the dog was nice and would just jump on me.  The dog was put away and I started spraying the perimeter of the house.  I was in the front yard when the customer opened up the door to take out the trash.  The dog snuck out and started running at me.  Again she said the dog was nice; however, the dog had his own agenda.  He charged at me and I jumped back only to be bitten in the right butt check.  The customer felt so bad and quickly grabbed the dog.  It hurt pretty badly.  It was the first time in a year and a half that I have been with Bulwark that I have been bitten (and hopefully the last).  I was fine but sore and bruised.  I told the customer she had nothing to worry about.

Jameson Hunter

Phoenix Branch


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One thought on “Dog Bite

  1. I have had customers tell me the same thing… but I know better.

    If the dog has teeth, looks mean and aggressive, and is barking up a storm, then please put the dog away.

    … my dog on the other hand wouldn’t hurt a fly! =)

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