Fruit for Santa Clause vs Electronic Pest Control Devices

Do Electronic Pest Control Devices Work?

I just got this story from Grandpa Ballantyne which has much wisdom in it, so as a wise old man once said…

In a nutshell, it isn’t that the ideas of people are done with bad intentions (often, at least), it’s just that they don’t work. My grandson put a bunch of fruit in a cookie tin yesterday, explaining that it was “for Santa.” It was very thoughtful of him, but because I love him, I explained that while it was thoughtful of him, it would not work. Yes, like so much that is proposed by well-intentioned people, it was thoughtful, but, no, it will not work. We should all at least do as I did with my grandson, and point out what is obvious to us. Many will ignore us, but some will actually see the logic. Meanwhile, we will have done what we should do, and sometimes this all we can do.

Why wouldn’t a tin full of fruit for Santa work?

Perhaps because today is the 2nd of December and fruit left in a tin for Santa to eat on the 25th would only spoil and be wasted. Perhaps the grandson was wanting to hide the tin, which would only mean a stinky banana in the home for his poor single mother to clean up months later. Yuck.

What this story is about is being realistic with a child and taking a moment to teach the child despite his good intention.

How does this relate to Electronic Pest Control Devices?

Quite simply, electronic pest control DOES NOT WORK EFFECTIVELY. It doesn’t matter what you call it, ultrasonic pest control, electronic pest repeller, electronic spider control, electronic insect control, pest devices, or pink barking poodles, none of them provide effective lasting pest control. They are not effective at pest defense or offense. Now I know that you may be saying, “He’s just a pest control company trying to hold back technology that he sees as a threat to his livelihood.” But I am not the only one saying this. Try reading the Federal Trade Commission’s report warning consumers of fraudulent electronic pest control device claims.

“Staff of the Federal Trade Commission’s Division of Enforcement today announced that they have sent warning letters to more than 60 manufacturers and retailers of ultrasonic pest-control devices, stating that efficacy claims about those products must be supported by scientific evidence.

…that any reaction by rodents to ultrasound would be temporary at best because rodents become accustomed to ultrasound and will return to their nesting or feeding areas even in the presence of an ultrasonic device. Furthermore, previous FTC complaints alleged that ultrasound devices do not control insects.

The FTC works for the consumer to prevent fraudulent, deceptive and unfair business practices”

Further, Bulwark Exterminating supports advancing technology and society. If electronic devices worked we would happily embrace them and find a way to sell them, service them, and stay in business. Our customers want the safest most effective pest control service. We recognize that electronic devices would be cleaner and greener. And if they worked then they would be potentially less toxic then even tap water. But customers want both safe pest control and effective pest control. A fly-swatter is considered a safe pest control device, but it’s not an effective roach control device.The only semi-effective electronic pest control device that Bulwark will acknowledge are the blue glowing zappers that mesmerize bugs into their ultimate destruction… I love hearing mosquitoes get zapped.

If you think that pest control companies are afraid of electronic pest control devices then Bulwark and  pest control companies everywhere should also be afraid of the Do It Yourself pest control stores.  If you want to a Do-It-Yourself pest control solution then visit, see not afraid of them.  Bulwark caters to individuals that want a guaranteed hassle free pest control service. Yes, service is the keyword there. Consumers want the safest most effective pest control solution.  If a pest control company does not provide an effective service then they will struggle to stay alive.

Morale of the story…

Electronic Pest Control devices may be a good idea and have really good intentions, but its similar to a grandson putting fruit in a cookie tin for Santa,… its just fruitless.

P.S. If super sonic electronic pest control devices do become effective at some future date then Bulwark pest control will gladly support them.

For further reading and reviews on Electronic Pest Control devices can be found at EcoSmarts blog:

Read what Universities are saying about whether electronic pest control devices work or not…

Considering Ultrasonic Pest Control Devices? Save Your Money –



If you are considering electronic pest control devices for Christmas this year then perhaps you should consider a Charlotte pest control service instead.

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Thomas Ballantyne is the Director of Marketing with Bulwark Exterminating, an industry leader in providing high quality pest control service. Bulwark is fully operational in seven states, including twelve major cities. While Bulwark provides pest extermination for common insects such as ants, roaches, crickets and spiders, the company’s differentiating aspect is great personalized service. Bulwark uses the finest and most effective products in the world to solve common pest problems.

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7 thoughts on “Fruit for Santa Clause vs Electronic Pest Control Devices

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  2. There is one product that if you read the FTC ACTION at FTC.GOV that is not and has NEVER BEEN ON THE LIST OR HAD ANY FTC ACTIONS AGAINST THEM!!!!!! That is the Pest Offense. That is because they are the only product of its kind to have undergone a 5 year University Test to PROVE EFFICACY on mice, roaches, and rats and the only product with its patented technology. That is why they are now being used by govermment offices and cities all over the country…BECAUSE THEIR PRODUCT WORKS AND THEIR CLAIMS ARE TRUE AND VALID!! PERHAPS PEOPLE SHOULD NEVER GROPU ALL INTO ONE WITHOUT KNOWING THE TRUE FACTS!!!

  3. Thanks for your reply. I would welcome any links that you have to the University study. I could find no study hosted online, only references to studies.

    Another thing to consider is the efficacy of the devices. I am not discrediting the fact that some devices may annoy pests enough to remove them from an area, but for how long? When does an annoying frequency become less important to a rat than the need for food?

    As stated in the FTC report, “that any reaction by rodents to ultrasound would be temporary at best because rodents become accustomed to ultrasound…”

    As a pest controller we want effective residual control of pests.

  4. I appreciate your links to the sites in your review. I have been looking into an electronic device for a few days now. We moved into a home that after ALL was said and done, the landlord said “Oh by the way, there’s a mouse problem”. We already had the first & last month as well as non-refundable deposit for 6 months paid and furniture all moved in when they told us this. Do you have any suggestions for us as this time now that it will be becoming snow season in a month or so in our area (New Mexico). I would rather stay away from the poisons as we have 2 small children in the home and neighbors dogs which frequently visit (with or without permission, but they’re adorable). All I am looking for is a quick fix until we can get out of here after the snow season, that’s when we can get our deposit back per contract.

  5. @ThomasB

    In regards to the argument that those electronic devices are only “temporary”….no offense, but so is spraying chemicals that will linger in everyones lung but eventually wear off and need to be redone. We humans are the ones taking over natures living areas and complain about bugs and such, we are such hyypocrites!
    As I just recently bought my my first house in AZ and am now faced with Roaches, which leads to to Scorpions…I WILL be purchasing the Pest Offense for following reasons:
    In europe most of the common sprays here arent even environmentally allowed to be used, so why do I want to subject myself to them, furthermore, I previously used those devices in Germany and while it does not KILL the spiders, it drives them out and away, which is frankly all I can achieve in life anyhow – even if I killed a million – they survive, and good so, cuz as much as i dislike for example spiders, they do control the fly population etc….

    To cut it short – electronic devices work while you use them, sprays work for what, about a year? and cost how much more? Just putting it out there….

  6. True statement, spraying is only temporary. An electronic pest control device is temporary at best and the effectiveness still remains questionable. Products on the other hand have proven effectiveness.

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