Quality Pest Control First – Marketing Second

In light of the recent FTC law that will attempt to cure the blog-o-sphere from the potential false and/or misleading reviews, one blogger makes an excellent point:

If you deliver enough value BEFORE asking for the sale, you should be able to sell plenty of stuff forever.

– Frank Kern http://masscontrolsite.com/blog/?p=59

What Frank is getting at is that if you provide a quality service or a quality product then you shouldn’t need to worry about using underhanded or sneaking marketing tactics.  Companies that build on solid foundations will be solid companies.  This applies to pest control just as much as any other industry.  Read J.D. Powers book on Satisfaction.

BUT… I do disagree with Frank a little on the customer testimonials.  I believe that customer testimonials are the blood line of successful marketing.  You do what’s best for the customer and then they talk about it.  Those are the testimonials that sell.  Our pest control marketing efforts ultimately pale in comparison to our referrals.  So again, it is…

Quality Service first – Marketing Second.

If you don’t have a quality service or product then marketing becomes a black hole, sucking your money up almost as fast as it brings it in.

But just to make sure we are compliant with the FTC here is our disclaimer… **Customer testimonials on google are reviews from the customers and happy customers is a typical result of quality service as evident in our company wide survey that reports; 94% of customers would recommend us to a friend or family member.  All other companies listed on this site have not paid us, to date, anything to be listed here.  We offer our praises of other pest control companies freely and of our own accord.  We do accept backlinks from some of these companies and would gladly accept more backlinks from more quality services.

P.S. I, Thomas (not Bulwark Exterminating) feel that this FTC law is going to be very ambiguous and unenforceable.  So those the FTC wishes to take a beating on will be subject to a whipping post that has no bounds.


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