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Reports are flooding in right now about a pest control company in Florida that has allegedly been operating without a license.  Its rumored that the techs were not licensed and the Alabama based pest control company was not licensed.  Fine is currently set at $30,000.

I am one not to jump to conclusions.  I would be shocked if this is true, but its not unfathomable.  Many individuals in life make decisions that seem to have good short term benefits, but that will hurt them in the long run.  As Adam says, ” It will catch up to you and some day you will have to pay the Piper.”  Running a business in an industry like pest control, where a state license is required you best get licensed.  Sure you can rack up a little more money not paying for licenses, but is it really worth the risk?

As the old tale goes about a truck driver bragging that he was so good at driving his truck that he could drive with half a wheel hanging off the edge of a cliff, another driver chimed in, “I am so good at driving a truck that I stay as far from the cliff as possible.”

Do it right, all the time, every time, and you won’t have to worry about “getting caught.”  If you are doing it right then there is nothing to catch.


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