Smoking, Bad for Bugs.

While going through our emails today, I found the following to be entertaining…

We have a townhouse in Wakefield Plantation. How much would it be to have the house sprayed indoors and out. Our roommate is a smoker and when he comes in and out he lets bugs in. Email is preferred contact.

Jessica C.

ZIP Code           27614

I guess I never thought about what additional damage a smoker can do to destroy one’s comfort.  It seems perfectly logical that a anyone that is frequently opening and closing the door would be opening and exposing the home to potential invasion. So it seems we could conclude that smoking is bad for bug prevention.

A few do it yourself pest control tips, try to stop the flow of bugs created by your smoking friend.

1- Lighting – Yellow bug lights are available.  While these lights do not repel bugs the yellow spectrum attracts fewer bugs. Simply put, these lights are more difficult for bugs to see since bugs can see blue or ultraviolet light.  Or you can try lighting the area from a distance, meaning buying a stronger light and keeping that light away from the entry point.

2- Candles – There are bug candles that you can buy that will repel some bugs, but not all bugs.  Studies indicate a 24% to 42% decrease from Citronella.  Candles may also combine other herbs and natural ingredients, such as rosemary, lemon, thyme, clove oil, eucalyptus oil, geranium, mint oil, and peppermint oil.

Thanks for the email Jessica, I am sure we can help control the bugs, but we can’t do much about the smoking or flying pests that come in and out with the smoker.  But I hope these tips help in further controlling bugs around your home.

Note – While a pest control professional can do little to eliminate flying insects, a regular pest control service can help cut back on flying pests in your home and around the yard.  Ask your pest control professional what treatment options he has for eliminating flying pest nests and harborages.  Proper IPM will help control and limit this pests.


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