The Lighter side of Pest Control

Yes, there are those in the pest control industry that get a chuckle out of referring to themselves as “professional killers”.  But what if you were a regular ole’ pest control guy advertising your professional killer status which happens to get you mistakenly recruited for a  real “hit man” job?  Well that’s exactly what happens in the imaginary world of James J. Mellon as a professional bug killer gets miss-profiled by both the CIA and the Mafia.  And so the chase begins.  Ironic that a professional killer who is normally chasing smaller creatures is now being chased by the bigger mafia and even bigger CIA.  But don’t worry this musical is probably one pest problem that won’t be making it to your neighborhood anytime soon.  Visit Pest Control the Musical.

Its Friday and all of us hard working Americans deserve to start winding down and have a day or two to rest.  Or at least a day doing something other than the mundane.  As for me, I don’t think that my day tomorrow fixing up my yard and cleaning out the garage is going to be less work, just different work.  But work is good, and for the 90% of us that are still employeed we should be grateful to have work that pays. So have a fantastic weekend, even if it is just work away from work.


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