Bed Bugs Clinton – New York Times

“Former President Clinton recently had to clear out of his office for a few days because it’s infested with bed bugs.” according to the New York Times laugh line… but bed bugs isn’t a laughing matter for pest control companies and victims of this spreading epidemic.

Sure its funny to insinuate that Clinton has a new guest in his bed, or multiple bed buddies for that matter, but these guests are blood suckers.  Bed bugs are nocturnal insects that feast on the host.  The bites are painless since they inject a numbing agent which keeps the victim from feeling the bed bugs while they feast.  Most infestations go unnoticed for a couple of weeks as they feed and reproduce more feeders.  Victims usually begin to note something unusual after their skin breaks out with red eruptions. Some of these sever cases require medical attention for the skin irritations.  But by the time all of this has happened the bed bugs have not only infested the bed, but have moved on to couches and out the door with clothing.  Within relatively short periods of time entire apartments, hospitals, and other structures are crawling with this tiny invaders.  And so the epidemic roles forward.

Perhaps its good that this problem has finally bitten a politician.  Of course, one blood sucker may have compassion on the other blood sucker.  And since “politics” can be broken down into “poli” meaning “many” and “tics” meaning “blood sucking creatures” we may be able to conclude that they are indeed in bed together.

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