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The other day we were delighted to receive a phone call from the wall street journal asking about our green pest control solutions.  Adam spent some time on the phone with her explaining the pest control industry and how efficacy directly affects profit margins.

Mesa, Ariz.-based Bulwark Exterminating LLC, which operates 11 branches in eight states, uses only botanical sprays and boric-acid products (also derived from boron) whenever customers request all-natural solutions and often includes them as part of an overall treatment plan even when they don’t.

“About 35% of people who call now ask us, ‘Will this hurt my kid or dog?’ ” says Bulwark founder Adam Seever. One customer, Carol Kidd, lives in a rural suburb of Phoenix and recently rang Bulwark to cancel her service because she was experiencing hormone imbalances and had read pesticides might be a contributing factor. Bulwark instead switched her to an all-natural service, employing botanical oils and boric-acid bait around her foundation instead of a synthetic solution, and didn’t raise her $44-a-month price.

“I’ve seen no excess insects since switching,” 39-year-old Ms. Kidd says, “and I’ve got bugs in the yard around my chicken coop, but not on my patio or in my house.”

Bulwark has always offered a green pest control service and for those that want even more bulwark offers an all natural pest control solution.  We deliver what the customer wants, a bug free home in the cleanest and most friendly way possible.




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10 thoughts on “Green Pest Control – Wall Street Journal

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  4. Congrats on making the Wall Street Journal. I’ve been looking into companies that offer Green Pest control. After reading articles like this one I’m convinced of how important it is. Do you find that the green methods are as effective as the traditional ones, or is it a little trickier?

  5. Thanks, Mike, with Blue Sky Web Design, LLC. Your article is accurate, consumers should be looking for the safest pest control option available. Green pest control may be little more difficult and possibly little less effective depending on what shade of green you go, but its weighing the benefits and the risks. We cater to the customer. If they want a 100% natural treatment then we have that option available, if they want our regular green treatment then they can go green. If it means that we have to work a little harder then we work harder. Any good company delivers. And customers looking for good service will stick around and pay the bill. Its actually a win-win situation.

  6. Thanks for sharing the information about the companies that provides Green Pest control……

  7. Now with evidence that pesticides found in pregnant woman contribute to lower IQ in babies this is more important info than ever!

  8. It’s wonderful that green pest control companies are getting notice from world reknowned companies like the Wall Street Journal. Bulwark pest control is wise to allow customizations to its’ regular and green pest control companies, similar to the approach we take at Hearts Pest Management. It’s a paradigm shift in an industry that sees itself as the force for controlling pests to allow the customers to have some control.

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