Organic Pest Control that’s a real Hoot!

Yes there is a pun in that.  Many farmers, and ranchers are turning to an ancient remedy for catching rats and mice, owls.  But it may not be such a bad idea.  A pair of nesting owls can catch and dine on nearly 3000 rodents in one year! Plus they add the benefit of recycling their prey into useful organic fertilizer, if you know what I mean.  Of course some people question the real effectiveness of the owls, but a professor from the University of California says “Why not try it? It seems a great alternative.”

I have nothing personal against organic pest control solutions or green pest control treatments.  I only have a problem with them when they claim to be effective and they turn out to be very ineffective.  Like the claims I have read on chalk used to control roaches and ants.  I have actually had a customer give me the chalk so that I could test it out.  So we went out and found some ants.  Picked them up with a stick.  Drew a circle on the sidewalk with the pest controlling chalk and then placed the stick in the circle.  Well the ant maybe paused for a split second when it came to the calk and then walked right on over it.  Good luck with that chalk trick. I am confident that some day soon we will have both a highly effective and organic pest control solution.  In the meantime, for those that want an organic solution they will have to live with the less effective control of bugs. For those that want a green rat control program, then try the owls, …or a cat.


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