Mosquito Count

Manitoba Health concludes that the numbers of Culex tarsalis mosquitoes,  mosquitoes known for carrying the West Nile Virus, are beginning to increase. The adult mosquito population is contingent on weather and pest control remedies. The weather will determine if their is enough moisture for the mosquitoes to reproduce. If the temperatures stay hot, and rains decline, allowing for  groundwater levels to fall then the normal water puddles and pools will dry kiling off the mosquitoes’ offspring. Pest control actions we take around our homes and properties to eliminate or treat stagnant waters used by mosquitoes will also determine severity of mosquito bites.  Quick tip, Mosquito Dunks are one of the best pest solutions for controlling mosquitoes in water bodies found around homes and property. As mosquitoes often don’t fall under the normal pest control service protection plans, you will want to apply these remedies yourself.

Mosquitoes do pose a health risk.  In fact, Salt Lake is reporting that mosquitoes in Utah county are indeed infected with West Nile virus, and while there are no infected humans at this point individuals should use repellent. Bug spray is especially important to apply after sunset, when mosquitoes carrying West Nile emerge.  Of the 2008 incidents in Utah none were fatal, and of 2007 incidents 2 were fatal.

So for your own safety: USE BUG REPELLENT WHEN OUTDOORS.


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