Ant Season is Here!

The 2009 Ant Season has officially arrived. We are now receiving ant control requests from all over the US. Fire Ants, Harvester Ants, Carpenter Ants, and the new annoying Raspberry Ants. A few tips and things to remember when dealing with ants…

1- Most Sprays have an odor that will detour ants, but this doesn’t mean it will kill them. These sprays act as repellents, and therefore only keep the ants at bay. Further using such sprays may cause ant colonies to bud out and create more colonies.

2- Ant baits should be specific to the ants you are treating. Ants and their diets differ by the ant species and the time of year. So what an ant eats will depend on both the ant species and the season. This is referred to as bait acceptability or bait acceptance.

3- Your best bet is to keep the ants out of the house entirely with a regular pest control service.


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3 thoughts on “Ant Season is Here!

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  2. Great article. The main thing I can add is that professional pest control companies use a much stronger chemical than what consumers can buy over the counter. This is because professional pest control employees are highly trained on how to apply these chemicals

  3. Thanks Buck.

    I guess that would depend on the company. There are many professional products that are available to the public. In fact, almost all the products Bulwark uses are available for general public use.

    But, you do make a good point. A highly trained professional should be able to identify the pest, and apply a more effective treatment. Similarly, Michelangelo can paint better than I even if we have the same paint.

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