Scorpions on the rise!

2009 will be a Bad Scorpion Year.

Recent reports in Phoenix indicate a rise in scorpions stings being reported to the local health facilities.  Online traffic to scorpion related pest control sites, like Austin Scorpion and Las Vegas Scropion Control. com have seen a large increase in visitors.  And local pest control companies in Las Vegas, and Phoenix confirm that scorpion calls are up.  All signs point to a bad scorpion year.

What’s the cause?

Scorpion sitings and stings are likely on the rise due to colder wetter weather.  The wetter weather produces more vegetation, more pests, and in turn more food for scorpions.  Scorpions are arachnids and like spiders they feed on other insects. So when the insect population booms, so does the scorpion population.  The reason a colder winter generates more scorpions stings and calls is because the scorpions are heading indoors.  Scorpions can go inactive for the winter, but if the weather changes from cold to warm and back to cold, or if the ground freezes early, then the scorpions that have not gone inactive or the inactive scorpions that become active again with the changes, immediately look to find better warmer harborage.  And what better place to find constant warm weather then your home?

So the scorpion rise is due to the wetter weather and the general rise in pests.  The scorpion stings and calls are due to more scorpions moving indoors. Most scorpion stings occur indoors.

Can you control scorpions?

That all depends on who you ask.  Many people say you can’t control scorpions.  Many pest control professionals will tell you that in order to get rid of scorpions you have to kill off their food supply, i.e. the other bugs. So what they are saying is that they are only willing to give you a generic pest control treatment and nothing specific to control scorpions.  With that approach they are probablly right in that they can’t really control scorpions.  But some companies believe they can and do control scorpions.  They call it Scorpion Control Science.

Are Scorpion Stings Dangerous?

Scorpion stings can be very dangerous.  The toxins are rarely fatal in humans and for most the sting isn’t much worse then a bee sting.  However, scorpions stings can be fatal to those that have an allergic reaction.  It is estimated by the American Athsmatic society that up to 5% of the population could have an allergic reaction. It is advised that if you experience any severe reactions to the scorpion sting that you call your local poison control for assistance.


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