Hello 2009…1 year Anniversary…Blog Pest Control Dot Com: To My Pest Control Wife

Wow…2008 is officially a thing of the past.  I am excited about the possibilities for 2009 and hope that it brings each of us the true desires of our hearts.  Life is a precious thing and 2008 has made it a point to add emphasis to things that I should be grateful for.  First and foremost I am grateful for my wife.  She is the secret of my success and has to bare the majority of the load of rearing our children.  My wife and I have been married for nearly eight years and I must say that although challenging at times, our union has borne the greatest fruit.

With a house full of “crumb munchers” it is enjoyable to come to a home that is well organized and clean.  I don’t know how she does it…when I am at home (alone with) my kids quickly turn their rooms into a disaster area.  She is the greatest mother I know…and thats pretty good considering my mother is extraordinarily special in her own right…but thats a different story.

Although we had our toast of Welchs white grape; here’s my literary tribute to you; my “pest control wife” who has to bare my long drawn out conversations.  I am certain their is no greater supporter or reader of this blog.  Honey I love you!

STAY TUNED…This blog is going to get a face lift before the end of 2009.  As busy as I am, I have not yet determined when I will have time for “surgery,” but rest assured it will be well worth the wait…or at least worth your anticipation.  Until then, chow.



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