What you should know about Mosquitoes

Have you ever been outside with friends and feel like you were the only one being bitten or attacked by mosquitoes?

Recent studies have shown that there is truly a significance behind these experiences and it has to do with the fact that mosquitoes are attracted to certain specifics characteristics of their human host.  Well lets think about it.  Female mosquitoes in order to reproduce relish at the opportunity to drink your blood.  Mosquitoes have been around for thousands of years and have developed some skill at determining whose blood is good for withdrawal.

I recently watched a scientist talking about these studies state why mosquitoes may be biting your friend and not you.  Mosquitoes are attracted to clean smelling, bigger proportioned, dark haired humans.  This is truly what the guy on television said.  After researching this a little bit further I learned that humans give off various odors that we are not sensitive to.  I guess even our blood has a certain odor to it.  Mosquitoes which are naturally sensitive to these odors have developed preferences for their prey.

Basically the study is saying that mosquitoes are attracted to clean, big, and dark haired persons because they are easy to locate.  The bigger you are the more heat you give off.  The bigger you are the more carbon dioxide you may generally emit.  I guess mosquitoes are able to see dark colors better than light colors.  Clean persons with good hygiene…smell good…can you blame them?

Controlling Mosquitoes

— Throw out all trash that can hold water, such as tin cans, jars and old tires.

— Clean out rain gutters; be certain no water remains on flat roofs after rains.

— Change water in birdbaths at least once a week.

— Clean out and fill in tree holes with concrete.

— Stock decorative ponds with goldfish or mosquito fish.

— Empty children’s wading pools weekly.

— Fill in or drain low areas in your yard.

— Keep weeds and tall grass cut short; adult mosquitoes look for these shady places to rest during the hot daylight hours.

Source: Knox County Health Department

Prevent Mosquito Bites

— Avoid places and times when mosquitoes commonly bite — dusk and dawn.

—  Wear long sleeves and pants when in wooded areas. Keep pant legs tucked into boots or socks.

— Make sure your insect repellent contains DEET, Picardin or Lemon of Eucalyptus. Generally, repellent with 30 percent DEET works best for adults. A lower concentration is recommended for children. Contact your child’s physician before using repellent on infants.

Source: Knox County Health Department


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  2. This artical made good sence I have also seen nats react to my frend and left me alone becouse of the coler of his hat.

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