Pest Control “Calibration”

A new word for the Pest Control Jargon page is calibration.  Calibration can simply be defined as the comparison of desired output and real output; and that adjustments are made so that real output equals your desired output.

Calibration is very important to a Pest Control Technician.  Applying the chemical as efficiently as possible requires that his/her equipment be fully calibrated.  The effectiveness of the pest control treatments may have a lot to do with the technicians ability to calibrate chemicals and chemical applicators.  Calibration ensures that the chemical has been diluted and spread properly/evenly over a desired space.  Calibration also prolongs the use of valuable tools and equipment that technicians use by prolonging equipment lifespans.  At Bulwark we use Power Sprayers to treat the perimeters of our customers’ homes.  Non calibrated “rigs” would lead to motor burn out, hose damage, or nozzle failure.



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13 thoughts on “Pest Control “Calibration”

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  2. Accolades to Bulwark, one of the few companies that regularly calibrates it’s spray equipment.

    An important point regarding calibration. When you calibrate a spray rig, remember this calibration is accurate for this sprayer, this gun, this pressure and this engine speed. If any of these factors changes, you must recalibrate. For example, if you change the spray gun or the engine speed, you must recalibrate.


    Andrew Greess
    Pest Control Equipment Expert

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