Insect or Not? “Things that make you go hmmmmmmm.”

Hopefully you enjoyed my tribute to the 90’s. One of the “Things that make you go hmmmm” I think are common misnomers that not-to-careful pest technicians utilize. This is probably a good reason why you may want to either learn about taxonomy, or use the vague word “pests” when referring to the “all too easily mistaken for insects” category.

These are the top “non-insects” labeled insects:

  1. Spiders: Not an Insect…Arachnid.
  2. Pill bug: Not an Insect…Crustacean/(Malacostraca)…more closely related to shrimp or crayfish.
  3. Millipede: Not an Insect…diplopod of diplopoda.
  4. Centipede: Not an Insect…Chilopod of Chilopoda.

Hopefully this will help you impress a customer next time she tells you that she was gardening and had been frightened by the many roly-polys, millipedes, or centipedes under the large rock she had just moved. If you really want to impress her you could tell her that pill bugs (roly-polys), relatives of the shrimp and crayfish need lots moisture and actually breathe through gills.

Maybe you will be better prepared for the customer’s home that you go to who has a bug collection who wants to test your knowledge. Believe me, there out there. I know customer’s ask questions, but this guy had approximately 300 bugs on a poster board in his garage of pests caught around his yard and wanted to see if I could name them all. Good thing I could name most of them…thank goodness for the PCT insect guide I kept in the glove compartment!

Well now you are armed with even more knowledge about insects and non-insects…..Go Get emmmmmmmmm Tiger.



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