Arachnids or Spiders

An important part of your pest control treatment is dewebbing.  Dewebbing is the physical removal of spider webs from the many nooks and crannies around the perimeter of your home.  Some technicians believe that it is best to remove spider webs or deweb at every service.  This is quite alright depending on the expectations of your customer; who may not want to see any spider webs around the house; although you should inform the customer that there is a better way to handle his spider issue.  Pest Control Myth # 4 is that it is always better to deweb at each service.
The best way to deal with spider webs, especially new spider webs, is to dust the web and leave it intact; then schedule a callback service for dewebbing the following day or as soon as possible.

The problem with removing the web is that the spider will be quick to relocate, or possibly recreate his/her web.  Ultimately you decrease the likelihood of removing the root problem.  By lightly dusting the web you leave a gift for “spidey” when he/she returns home.
Part of what makes this effective is a thorough inspection of your customer’s premises and adequate notes and history about each customer.  This technique and the maintenance of an adequate pest barrier will ensure that your home is spider free.

If you would like to learn more about the spiders/pests in your area, please click here.



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