Pesticide/Pest Control Myth #2

Pesticide myth #2 for me lies in the perception that effective pest control requires that pesticides should blanket or be applied everywhere possible. This may be necessary in extreme cases (fumigation, termites), but not necessarily to be the norm.

I would often meet customers who had these expectations, and I would always do my best to meet these expectations as long as they were legal. Some people will always feel like “the more, the better.”

The development of new chemical technologies, and our increased understanding of pest biology/sociology has equipped the up-to-date Pest Control Technician with more ‘effective’ ways to get rid of pest problems. It is a matter of how you would define ‘effective’ pest control. Effectiveness should not only measure the ability to control the pest; but should also take into consideration how people and the environment may be affected. Effectiveness = Efficiency.

Professional Technicians have/should become proficient of the latest technologies. A proficient Pest Control Technician has the ability to get rid of your pest problems using only the amount of chemical needed, and will apply the chemical in places that takes advantage of known pest patterns and is out of harms way for unsuspecting pets and people alike.


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2 thoughts on “Pesticide/Pest Control Myth #2

  1. Well stated.

    I don’t know what certifications are available where Bulwark is located. My company in southern California became EcoWise Certified. That’s We are outside the designated service area of EcoWise Certified, but they were very happy that a company outside their funded area was interested. Even though I believe you are outside California, they may be very happy to assist you. Your company is practicing IPM techniques. Why not have the benefit of IPM certification? Costs are not significant and the organization will assist you through the process.
    We are now starting a separate organization of industry companies that have obtained this IPM certification.



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